Corona Virus Updates

Our first day of the new school year will be September 9.  All classes will be in person.  All students will be required to wear a mask when they are in the school building and hand cleaning supplies are available in all rooms.  Cleaning of high touch surfaces will continue throughout the day.  We are fortunate to be in a building which has central air conditioning which circulates, filters and cools the air to maintain a safe and comfortable environment.

Before coming to school, all staff and students should carry out a self assessment for symptoms of COVID-19 and remain at home if they are experiencing any.  Please call the school nurse for further advise on how to proceed.

The City of Boston is providing the most recent updates on Coronavirus at


Food is being made available at locations across the city.

You can find a map and list of locations at


All classes will be in person for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Online classes are available for supplementary credit recovery 


Students will be expected to bring their school issued chromebook to school on a daily basis so that they can use it in their classes.  If you computer is not working or you are having difficulty logging into your email account, contact Mr. McKinney for support. or drop by his office with your device.

Update Home Address and Phone #

If you have moved during the pandemic and not yet updated your address you should do so a.s.a.p.  In order to do a change of address you have to prove residency.  This has to be done by the Welcome Center.  Families can call 617-635-9010 or schedule an appointment at and speak to any of the registration specialist to change their address, transfer, register, etc.

Phone numbers can be changed by our school secretary.  Please reach out to Ms. Lumley at to have a phone number updated.